31 Jul 2009

The A.R.M. Take A.I.M.

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The A.R.M. Are Taking A.I.M.

We the Anti-Religious Movement are now to rename ourselves "The Anti-Injustice Movement" for a variety of different reasons. These reasons DO NOT include that we are in any way going to be laying off our fight against organized religion. On the contrary our primary focus is and always will be attacking the more fundamentalist aspects of the Abrahamic faiths in order to create a more peaceful inclusive world which is free of all forms of theocratic facism. However the masses are asses and when they read 'Anti-Religious Movement' they automatically think we are a cell of balaclava clad atheist terrorists who are out to maim and kill anyone that believes in God (which is utterly ridiculous for a number of different reasons).

First off we really aren't out to get liberal believers. That is not to say we do not view them as theological cherry pickers, but as long as they are not forcing their 'morality' down our deep throats, spreading discrimination, or threatening secular society then we have no argument with them. We are not even down with violence but rather with non-violent direct action and other creative means of protest like our Protest Poetry events and Infidel Rap gigs. Despite this simple minds think that because we are part of a revolutionary movement which is against society's sacred cow 'religion' then we must be violent extremists.

Consequently our second reason for the change is that various professionals within our movement have been wary about being stigmatized, and potentially losing their job, because of our controversial name. By changing our name to Anti-Injustice Movement these members will be able to 'come out' and be involved in the movement openly but without any aspect of the movement changing. Nevertheless do not assume that we are changing the name of this movement to pacify the masses or be politically correct because we are not ones to bow down to the stifling power of political correctness in order to make people feel more comfortable. We are changing it for the sake of our members. Furthermore this way we can be more involved in legitimate protests and rallies without people demonizing us because they are scared to associate with us due to misconceptions derived from our name. This is merely about being pragmatic and not shooting ourselves in the foot in terms of our mission.

Moreover I reiterate that although many of us despise religion in general, particularly the three Abrahamic traditions, our resistance is primarily focused against the right wing theocratic religionists because they are the enemies that threaten our secular freedoms. We also have members who subscribe to religious traditions that we have no issue with like Wicca or LaVeyan Satanism for example. We may even go as far to admit a theist into our movement as long as they were 100% down with the fight for a wholly secular society and embraced only private religion or spirituality. For these reasons the term 'Anti-Religious' is too general for our purposes. If anyone wants to know why we are only focusing on the traditional factions of the three main monotheistic traditions then hit me up and I will be happy to explain this decision.

There term 'Anti-Religious' is not only too general for our purposes but it is also too specific for them too because we have become involved in the struggle against other forms of global injustice which may not always be caused by religion. The A.I.M. is presently taking aim at both religious and non-religious organisations and individuals who threaten human and animal rights, and our basic democratic freedoms. Therefore the term 'Anti-Injustice Movement' takes into account both the more specific nature of our fight against religion and the more general nature of our fight against global injustice in a way that our former title never could.

However we have a message for anyone who thinks that this change means that we have been tamed by public pressue. This decision is an act of Machivellian pragmatism and strategic common sense,. It is not a sign that we have been declawed by the hurling masses because our claws are sharper than ever before. Anyone who wants to flame, tame or blame us can kiss our sweet scented godless asses because we treat all our enemies with the contempt that they deserve. Anyone with the intellectual cojones to get down with us prepare to TAKE AIM!

~President of The AIM~
"Prepare to take AIM against the enemies of freedom."
(The AIM)


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The A.I.M. are a group of activists who are fighting together to achieve the slow but steady destruction of global injustice. Much of which is caused by the traditional factions of the three Abrahamic religions. Thus through non-violent direct action we will attack the traditional factions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam because they are charged with the greatest crimes against humanity. They are responsible for the bastardisation of individuality, the suspension of scientific rationality, the subordination of women, the persecution of homosexuals, and the greatest war against human unity ever known. The human landscape is seeped in the blood of ‘holy wars’, religious terrorism, and bonding by exclusion. Thus right wing religiousity is the wound and not the bandage, a wound that is turning septic. We, The Anti-Injustice Movement, are the antibiotic, and we will push forward for the separation of religion and state. We also fight for sexual equality, gay rights, animal rights, freedom of speech, and against all forms of cruelty and oppression. The time has come for us to take AIM and do something about it, but by throwing words rather than molitov cocktails.

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